Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How do you make the Sigma acceptable?

The S&W Sigma series semi-automatic pistols were computer designed for ergonomic comfort and reliable performance at an affordable price.  Unfortunately, when you add the price point criteria, you wind up with a good gun with a trigger so bad it sours the whole experience with Sigma (or smegma, as one wag titled it--look it up, it isn't positive).

I've seen a couple of articles on how to make the Sigma trigger better, and have seen a few specimens that have been thus improved.  Check out http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=99483.  But none seems to me to be any where near the trigger feel and function that I would like.  I understand it is a double action only pistol so it will never be 1911-like is lightness and crispness, but surely it can be better.

I like the feel of the Sigma.  My first carry pistol was a Sigma SW40VE and my daughter's first was an SW9VE.  The low cost--as low as $200 for a good used one--was the big attraction, and we learned to shoot them well despite the crummy trigger.  The easy availability of 16rd magazines for the 9mm version is another big plus.  I've moved on through and to other pistols since then, but I think a Sigma with a good trigger could be one of the best buys around, particularly for those only wanting a single pistol for home or self defense.

Has anyone turned a Sigma into a dream shooting pistol?

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