Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking the long shot.

I've enjoyed learning to shoot my pistols at long range targets, i.e. 75-110 yards, and find it an excellent training regimen as well as a skill I want to master.  I was amazed at how accurate a 9mm bullet can be, even when fired through a 3.9" barrel.  There is no where near as much bullet drop as I would have expected over that distance. 

Since most of our pistol shooting is at targets inside of 10 yards, we tend to get a little sloppy on applying the fundamentals.  "Defensive accuracy" gives us the flexibility to shoot faster and still make an effective shot.  But at long range, the slightest disregard of the shooting fundamentals can cause a deviation in bullet strike from the target of 4 feet or more.  After a few apparently wild shots, the temptation is to give up and decide pistols can't be used that far away.  But when you take your time, think about the fundamentals, and carefully observe them, it's amazing how close to the target you can hit consistently.

Any other long shot shooters out there?  If you're looking for a way to move to the next level in your shooting, find a safe place for it and try hitting some targets a long range.

2014 update:  Just tried some 100 yard shots with my new 3" barrel SIG Sauer P290RS and find that the same rules apply as with any other pistol.  Focus on the fundamentals.  Take your time, and you can hit targets at distance.

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