Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Rugers!

Been a while, but I try to post when I have something to say.  Just wanted to announce that I'm very impressed with two new offerings from Ruger.  In fact I've bought and incorporated both into my firearms usage plan.

First, welcome to the new Ruger "American" Pistol (RAP).  These come in 9mm and .45 ACP but mine is the 9mm variety.  The "RAP" being a new pistol, there are tons of videos on youtube, full30 and no doubt elsewhere extolling their virtues or squealing about their shortcomings, real, potential or imagined.

I picked up my RAP at my local firearms emporium, Gettysburg Trading Post, which, by the way, I highly recommend for new and used firearms of all types.  The RAP is a striker fired synthetic frame pistol with 17rd magazines, Novak sights, an excellent trigger, and adjustable backstraps to accomodate different hand sizes.  I've put 150 rounds through the pistol with no problems of any type.  I find it to be accurate and reliable and recommend it for use as a duty pistol.  At 30 oz empty, it's a little portly for concealed carry, but is an excellent home defense pistol and a great soft-shooting pistol for training, practice or plinking.

My second new favorite is my new CCW, the Ruger LC9S Pro.  Now don't confuse this with the LC9S (not Pro) which is in wide circulation and is also an excellent pistol, but I digress.  The "Pro" terminology is what Ruger uses to explain that the pistol so named has no external safety lever and does not incorporate a magazine disconnect, features that "professional" shooters tend not to use and so prefer to have omitted.  My LC9S Pro has seen only 50rds so far because my first LC9S Pro through which I'd fired over 200rds was bought out from under my by a close friend and compatriot, so the new one is still waiting to be broken in properly.  So I bought two of these in quick succession because they are reliable, accurate, slim and trim and easy to conceal.   They are excellent for pocket carry.  My recommendation to students now is to consider the LC9S or the Pro model first and foremost.

I welcome questions or comments, to include alternative points of view, as they say.

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